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fiberglass fabric, wire, glue, light.  18” long, 18.5” wide, 20” tall.  2008.

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July 9&10> Performance for “Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit)”

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Do it with us. You are invited to pass a night, morning and noon immersed in performance art presented in (and out of) a cycle of life activities. You will be fed and go to bed with performance art. There will be: touch, tattoos, cleaning, haircuts, porn, incidents, blood, computers, recreation, comfort. Performances will happen in and around VSVSVS (live-in studio/gallery/warehouse), Cherry Beach and Polson Pier.

Saturday July 9, 7:00pm – Sunday July 10, 1:00pm
Bring your own pillow.
PWYC – suggested $10
RSVP in order to receive dinner and breakfast:
VSVSVS – 25 Polson Pier – Get there:

Curated by Maggie Flynn.

More info about Eat Sleep Breathe (and Shit)link

July 8-10> “Odds and Entries” at Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition @ Nathan Philips Square, Toronto, ON

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“Worn, unwanted, and left for the landfill, fifteen dressers and cabinets have been salvaged and hoarded. Granted a second chance, these storage units no longer passively house socks and employee files.  They are stacked, leaned and fastened to each other.  They take over in a space, free to be explored.  The collaborating artists inhabit these sliding spaces creating relationships among the drawers and those who visit them.”

Exhibiting with collective Tongue & Groove.

Info about Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition…link

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