“I am fascinated with everyday actions and materials.  The leathery piece of gum found stuck beneath your chair or the package of hotdog wieners found in your fridge, I get great influence from these common – yet generally disregarded – subjects.

I get motivated when feeling like a part of me is embedded in my work, as though part of me lives on to be recognized from the viewer.  Therefore, I take great passion in putting myself into my art by committing to physical processes of creating it.  This is achieved both by laborious means such as through stone carving and foundry, and alternatively such as making art from cotton swabs used for cleaning my ears.    For these reasons, my subjects lie commonly to the body, with matters related to eating, hygienic tools, and human waste being just few of the areas I have been particularly drawn to.

I find there is something fascinating to look at in all things, and I constantly challenge myself in taking this interest further to more bizarre subjects from daily life.”

About the Artist… Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Simon Paul Black’s interests lie in finding physical means of creating art.  Since completing his BFA in Visual Art at York University, Black continues to strive in literally incorporating himself into his creations, whether it be making sculptures out of his own finger nail clippings and dental floss, or testing the limits of his body in performance work.

Black currently resides in Toronto, and is also a member of art collectives So Much Foam and Tongue & Groove.